Ingleburn Manufacturing Facility

Masterflow was contacted to determine the best fit chiller for this mechanical contractor’s high-security manufacturing facility, as their previous chiller had reached the end of its life cycle and was not providing optimal heat transfer, nor reasonable efficiency. 

As some of the client’s machinery required operation within a narrow recommended room temperature range, it was imperative that the old chiller was not only updated, but replaced with the best fitting option on the market for our client’s individual circumstances.  

  • Location:Ingleburn (NSW)
  • Industry:Industrial

Our Process:

Masterflow assessed the client’s individual needs, constraints and budget. When evaluating one’s options for a chiller, it is important to take cooling load requirements into account, evaluating a building’s size, insulation, climate, occupancy and equipment to ensure that the chiller with the most suitable capacity is selected. Masterflow is experienced in assessing cooling load requirements before making recommendations, and we pride ourselves on taking appropriate precautions to ensure the right equipment is provided to our clients. 

After ascertaining the building’s cooling load requirement, we also made sure our client’s needs were heard, and that efficiency, reliability and durability were optimised. 

The SPINchiller Air-Cooled Water Chiller by Clivet was supplied. It is capable of operating at outdoor temperatures of up to 52°C, making it capable of handling Australia’s hottest ever recorded day, with a few degrees to spare. As our client typically operates at up to a 40°C ambient temperature, the unit is safe and can perform efficiently, without strain. 


The client’s heavy-use operation of this chiller involves 24/7 operation, which made durability and dependability a non-negotiable. We can happily report that the client’s needs were met, and that this chiller has consistently met the demanding outputs set to it within the manufacturing space, ensuring the facility’s valuable machinery is safe and operating at full capacity. 

The WSAT XSC3 model from Clivet’s SPINchiller range offers premium efficiency in a compact package, with excellent recovery of condensing heat, which has also facilitated a decrease in energy consumption for our client, saving cash on every bill.


Solutions Used