Humiscope, Seven Hills

This project required a glycol chiller.

The products sold at Humiscope involve dehumidifying equipment for indoor temperature control, much like the idea of HVAC systems.

These machines must be tested at certain temperatures, requiring the cool air produced by chillers.

  • Location:Seven Hills (NSW)
  • Industry:Industrial

What we did

1 Air-Cooled Glycol Scroll Clivet Chiller now provides 218kW of cooling for the Humiscope building in Seven Hills.

This ensures that Humiscope’s equipment can be tested accurately in an environment that is at a specific temperature.

The outcome

Coil Protection was provided for the condenser coils to protect against weather events, considering the chiller was being installed in an outdoor location.

The brief was met and the Humiscope project was successfully closed off with all parties satisfied.




Solutions Used