Harbour Hospital, Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Hospital was granted a $194M refurbishing and expansion in 2018, serving the local community through ensuring a state of the art facility with the latest medical equipment and durable, high-performance infrastructure. 

Coffs Harbour Base is a Level 5 hospital, meaning it not only provides the highest complexity intensive care and surgery, but that it also plays a key role in medicinal, nursing and allied care education, acting as a hub for medical research in its local community.  

As part of the refurbishing process, the HVAC system’s chillers and buffer tanks were upgraded. Veolia, the project’s mechanical contractor, reached out to Masterflow for the design and supply of these chillers and tanks, with timely delivery a priority for this client.

  • Location:Coffs Harbour (NSW)
  • Industry:Health

Our Process:

Two large tanks were supplied for this job, with 5000L and 3000L pre-insulated models accompanied by automatic refill units to protect the water supply and maintain correct system volume. These tanks increase system loop volume where needed, drastically minimising the risk of chiller short cycling. 

Chemical dosing pots were also supplied. These facilitate the safe addition of chemicals to the closed loop water system. 

Considering the large capacity of these tanks, there was a relatively modest accommodation for their footprint in the plantroom. To manage this, our engineers designed a custom solution that minimised footprint without compromising on capacity, performance or reliability. 


The hospital’s large investment into new chillers is now preserved thanks to the use of our tanks and refill units. 

To accommodate our client’s criteria of quick installation, Masterflow supplied the tanks with insulation and transport-safe packaging. This ensured that the chiller system was made operational within a short time frame thanks to there being no need for on-site insulation, and no unexpected transport damages to deal with on-site. 

This meant that not only was time saved during installation, but so was the cost of engaging insulation contractors. We are proud of the economical optimisation that we achieve for our clients. If you want to enjoy the same cost-efficient performance, start the conversation with Masterflow on the needs of your upcoming project.  


Solutions Used