Gunyama Aquatic Centre

Located in the heart of Green Square, Zetland, Gunyama Aquatic Centre is the largest pool complex to be built in NSW since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

The indoor heated program pool, leisure pool and hydrotherapy pool are 25m end-to-end, whilst the uniquely shaped outdoor pool is 50m. All pools are temperature controlled, creating a core component of the end user’s customer experience. 

Built by the City of Sydney, this world class facility was made with over $106M, and 3 years of design and construction invested into it. Masterflow was contacted by the City of Sydney’s Mechanical Engineer to supply a team of prefabricated pump skids tailored for the job.

  • Location:Zetland (NSW)
  • Industry:Community

Our Process: 

Once the mechanical engineers overseeing this City of Sydney Project reached out to us with their specification, we ensured a solution that met their scope, technical needs and design philosophy.  

Among the client’s key design requirements were separate systems for every pool zone, an air pressurisation system for the aquatic halls that function to minimise condensation, and the use of DEOS Controls’ Open Balance Technology for air pressurisation systems. 

Because Masterflow was aware of this when creating the skids, we were able to ensure that our design and components were fully harmonious with the client’s vision and specifications, avoiding any frustrating incompatibilities from showing themselves on site and causing unexpected delays. 

5 skid mounted pumpsets were delivered to the client, with 2x 5.5 kW chilled water pumps and 3x 11 kW heating hot water pumps delivered. Each pump included a Variable Speed Drive feature to ensure flexible operation controls for the end user, and was fitted to inertia bases from our factory in order to minimise mechanical vibration and noise. 

Had these components been delivered by separate suppliers rather than pre-assembled and delivered synchronously by a single supplier, the overwhelming likelihood is that delays would have occurred as some suppliers would arrive earlier than others, and a variety of assemblies including hot works would have taken place on the client’s site, rather than in our workshop.




Given that Gunyama Aquatic Centre’s operation is heavily reliant on the reliability and temperature transfer performance of their HVAC system, it is essential that they are able to remedy any issues quickly, competently and with a clear procedure in place. 

Thanks to the prefabrication process, Masterflow is the sole supplier of every component in the pump skid, leaving our client with one contact in case of faults or emergencies occurring. 

The client also succeeded in meeting their efficiency target of a 5 star Green Star Design. Masterflow is pleased to have delivered an efficient, purpose-designed and timely set of prefabricated skids as a sole supplier that can be valued by our client as the sole problem solver and maintenance expert for this site.



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