Greenland Centre

Situated on 115 Bathurst Street, Greenland Centre is among the tallest residential towers in Sydney’s CBD. Standing at a magnificent 235m, with 479 residences across 67 stories, Greenland Centre offers extraordinary views in elegant luxury. 

Designed by esteemed architects BVN, an Australian Institute of Architects National Award winner, and Woods Bagot – multi-time award winner of the World Architectural Festival, Greenland Centre itself went on to win the Best Tall Building Award from the Oceania Award of Excellence in the 2023 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards.

With the structure featuring a broad range of first-class amenities including an indoor-outdoor pool, gymnasium, sauna, spa and multi-purpose resident’s room, the demands on its HVAC system are extensive and multifaceted. The developer’s mechanical engineer entrusted Masterflow to provide a prefabricated unit, thanks to their awareness of our innovation and experience in the prefabrication space. 

  • Location:Sydney (NSW)
  • Industry:Residential

Our Process: 

After consulting with the client on the building profile and specification requirements, Masterflow provided 3 varying models of condenser water pumps, in addition to 1 heating water pump model to the site, with 2 of each individual model supplied for a total of 8 pumpsets. 

These pumpsets were delivered as prefabrication units attached to steel reinforced concrete inertia bases and pre-fitted with spring isolators, neoprene pads and double deflection isolators for reliable noise and vibration control. 

A combination of long-coupled and close-coupled pumps were used to accommodate the most efficient options on the market for each system, according to plantroom size.


As the client’s specified plantroom dimensions were compatible with the use of prefabricated units, a plethora of fitment labour, fitment and delivery time, planning and testing was saved for the developer. 

Particularly on a site of this scale, streamlining the delivery, installation and testing process is incredibly cost-effective. Rather than waiting around for a variety of components to be delivered at various times by a variety of suppliers, all components were delivered in unison. Rather than the hassle of constructing systems before fitting them to the building, requiring many personnel and taking many hours – if not days – the systems arrived pre-constructed to site, ready to be installed. If you are ready to experience the expedited, reliable and cost-efficient benefits of prefabrication on your own site, or you are curious about how prefabrication can deliver your best HVAC installation experience to date, send Masterflow an enquiry about prefabrication for your next project.


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