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Epworth Hospital

Epworth Hospital is recognised for a range of healthcare innovations and achievements, since its establishment in February 1920. It boasts a first place in Australian history for an above ground radiotherapy centre and robotic supported surgery. It was also the first private hospital to have an ICU.

It is renowned for its excellence in the health sector and is supported by its installation of Masterflow equipment throughout its air-conditioning system and diesel fuel supply for hot water generation.

What we did

In 2013 Masterflow was engaged to provide design support specifically for the pumping equipment required on the Chilled and Heating water circuits within the air-conditioning system.

In addition to this was the diesel fuel system which supplied fuel to the boiler system.

In 2014, Masterflow was given the approval to proceed with the manufacture of 3 x Chilled Water pumps, 2 x Condenser Water pumps and 5 x heating water pumps (combination of both primary and secondary).

Following this, our engineering team completed the full design and supply of a diesel fuel transfer system.

The purpose of this system was to automatically transfer diesel fuel from the generator fuel tank on ground floor, to a day tank located in the top-level boiler plant room.

The pump will deliver diesel fuel into the day tank as controlled by the level floats in the day tank, via the control panel.

Fuel is then gravity fed into the boilers.

All valves must be kept open.

The system has the ability to also recirculate fuel to help prevent stagnation.

The low level alarm is likely to activate only if there is a problem with the pump or lack of fuel supply in the generator tank.

Should the low-level alarm activate, the system will need to be reset inside the panel by a qualified and approved technician. If the low level alarm has been activated, the pump will not operate even if the panel is in manual mode.

The outcome

Providing a pump design that complimented the pipework design, whilst consuming as little plant room floor space as possible. This was specifically the case on the condenser water, chilled, primary heating and secondary heating water systems, which therefore necessitated the need for the BakerLine series pumps, which have a horizontal suction and horizontal discharge.

On the diesel system, we had to deliver diesel from the bulk fuel tank located on the ground floor to the boilers on the top-level plant room. However, the boilers had to be gravity fed. A series of safeguards on the boilers and transfer pumps were necessary to prevent any dry-running and to notify the maintenance manager should the fuel supply become low.

A complete package incorporating the following equipment:
• 1 x 100L steel day tank, single skinned complete with necessary vent, drain and connections in accordance with AS1692-2006 and AS1940-2004.
• 3 x level probes (pump start, pump stop & low-level alarm) for the day tank.
• 1 x DOL Control panel for activating the pump upon signal from the level floats. Audible low-level alarm included and volt free contacts for connection to the BMS.
• 1 x GVR pump model APF 5/V close coupled to a 0.25kW 240V electric motor, capable of delivering 10 LPM, and mounted on the galvanised base plate.
• 1 x 25mm Spring check valve and strainer to suit, for pump suction pipework in the tank.
• 1 x Fuel Filter to suit the above flow rate, with water captor and element included.

Pipework Pump Design for Diesel Fuel Pumping System

Solutions used

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