Coles Karratha

Located within Karratha City Centre Mall, Coles Karratha is a staple for groceries and other essentials among locals in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. 

Masterflow was contacted by the multibillion dollar giant’s mechanical contractor in order to rectify a specification issue from the plantroom’s initial design, as its chiller turned out to be more consumptive than expected. 

The client had used 1 kL buffer tanks from its original build in 2020, but realised over time that these did not back up the necessary water volume for the Climinaventa 4 pipe chiller used on this site. Masterflow provided a 1500 kL unit to support one of the prior tanks for the Heating Hot Water circuit in 2023. 

The client’s system utilises 4 pipe chillers, which produce more heating than cooling. When the demand for heating is much less than cooling, this surplus energy often needs to be accounted for through additional system volume, hence the need for an additional tank.

  • Location:Karratha (WA)
  • Industry:Retail

Our Process

Upon discovering the need for the hot water system volume to run longer between cycles and to ensure hot water system volume remains above the chiller manufacturer’s minimum system requirement, our engineers set to drafting the design of this custom Aquazone buffer tank. 

To contend against Karratha’s heat and to comply with NCC regulations, 100mm glasswool insulation was used for this mild steel tank. Safety relief valves and complete instrumentation packages were provided both for this new addition, and the original tanks supplied in 2020. If tailored engineering solutions and a one-stop shop for your HVAC rig appeal to you, reach out to Masterflow today to start a conversation about your project. 


Despite the need for a 1500 kL tank being required in a space and plantroom configuration initially designed for a 1000 kL tank, Masterflow was able to customise the tank’s design in order to meet our client’s needs. There wasn’t much room for the tank to be taller, nor wider – but our engineers were able to strike the perfect balance, and make use of every millimetre of the limited space. 

It is important to note that ensuring full optimisation of tank capacity requires careful consideration being given to the following factors:

  • Location of inlet and outlet
  • The internals of the tank, whether it’s using baffles and/or sparge pipes 

While some overlook these considerations, Masterflow’s engineers have the experience to put our clients in the right direction.  

Additionally, the extreme hot weather in Karratha offers its challenges to an HVAC system. By selecting the correct insulation materials, we have provided a safe and reliable solution that’s ready to handle Western Australia’s scorching atmospheric conditions. 


Solutions Used