Chau Chak Wing Museum

Chau Chak is a 2000 sqm exhibition space that hosts the University of Sydney’s art, science and history museum. With over 400,000 items in its collection, some of which dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, Chau Chak is an indispensable body in the world of artistic, scientific and historical research and community enrichment thanks to its wealth of significant artifacts and educators. 

The client was in need of 3 large pumps, and required them to fit within a relatively tight space in their plantroom. Masterflow’s engineers drew a custom prefabrication pump skid design that accommodated these large pumps on a singular base plate, saving the project delivery time and installation time, all while working within the client’s limited space. 

  • Location:Camperdown (NSW)
  • Industry:Education

Our Process: 

A chilled water pump, heating water condenser and condenser water pump were designed, prefabricated and delivered on a singular skid to Chau Chak by Masterflow.

Had prefabrication not been used, the likelihood that all components would have arrived on time and in sync would have been slim to none. In the most likely scenario, the client would have sat on a handful of components while suffering deadline-threatening downtime. Instead, the full skid was transported as an assembled unit, ready to connect to the client’s HVAC system from as early as the delivery date. 

Temperature sensors were fitted onto the chiller for monitoring and maintenance purposes, with isolation valves attached to the AHU’s end of branch detail to manage indoor air quality, all within one self-contained unit. 



All 3 large centrifugal back pull out pumps were mounted onto inertia bases, with spacer couplings, drip trays and AV mounts ensuring their connection to the custom-welded base plate is optimal. 

We are proud of the streamlined experience provided to the client, especially considering just how much of a headache could have occurred on site if assembly required more personnel, conducting more responsibilities, with less space. 

If you want your next pump skid delivery and installation experience to be your smoothest, fastest and most pain free delivery to date, contact Masterflow for a quote on a prefabricated pump skid. 

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