Adelaide Compounding Facility

Charles Sturt Industrial Estate is a 2 ha warehouse, factory and industrial development with extensive on-site parking, and is home to franchises of industry giants including Bunnings and Harvey Norman. 

This corporate estate was completed in stage 2 of 2023, with Masterflow called in to draw and supply the tanks used in the complex’s HVAC facility. Located just 10km from the Adelaide CBD and 8km from Adelaide Airport, this facility is a staple of Adelaide’s retail and industrial network. 

  • Location: Adelaide (SA)
  • Industry:Industrial

Our Process: 

3000L and 1000L Aquazone vertical buffer tanks were each supplied to this site, supplied as complete packages including pump, break tank, expansion tank, pressure switches, regulator valves and wall-mounted cabinets. 

This meant less headache on-site for our client, as the tanks were drawn, checked and approved as complete packages in-house by Masterflow prior to delivery. As such, the client was not burdened by the need to source and fit compatible switches and valves on their own.  

The client opted in for 60mm closed cell polyethylene insulation for the larger tank, which is ideal for preventing condensation and optimising thermal performance. Glasswool insulation was used for the smaller tank, which is cost effective and a powerful repellant against airborne moisture. 

Each tank was also fitted with a vacuum breaker, which allows air to enter the system, equalising pressure and ensuring safe operating conditions. Without this safety component, there is risk of damage, collapse, or rapid implosion. Vacuum breakers can also help prevent backflow contamination. 




Being experienced in the installation of buffer tanks, Masterflow is aware of the causes and cures involving common complications that can show themselves on site. Our engineers ensured communication with the client that the static pressure of the tanks were required to be set below the refill pump’s maximum operating pressure. This ensures that the refill pump can operate correctly and avoids leakages on site. 

Our client was able to correctly manage the installation process in accordance with our advice and our Instruction and Operation Manual. We believe in taking the time to provide our clients with the advice that stems from expertise, leaving them with confidence in their system’s components and installation. 

If you’re seeking guidance, experience and expertise in a supplier for your upcoming project, reach out to Masterflow to start the conversation on your project’s needs, and we will ensure you are provided with a quote on the best solution available. 


Solutions Used