500 Swanson Street, Melbourne

500 Swanson Street, Melbourne is a $72M student accommodation facility with 2 basement levels and 16 residential levels. With a building size of 1277m² and 57m of roof height, it was completed in 2020, with 19 months of total construction time. 

The accommodation facility was built by Icon Construction, an arm of the $11 billion Japanese construction powerhouse, Kajima Corporation. Icon Construction prides itself on being committed to operating incident and injury free across its divisions, which motivated their decision to use Masterflow prefabricated skids for 500 Swanson Street. 

  • Location:Melbourne (VIC)
  • Industry:Education

Our Process: 

Masterflow’s process of providing our clients with a prefabricated skid always begins with learning about our client, their project, and its needs. 500 Swanson Street was a major job with a large and sophisticated HVAC setup, requiring 3 prefabricated skids using a total of 12 pumpsets

4 total condenser water units were fitted, with a pair of heating water units also supplied and fitted to the skids. Our client enjoyed the convenience of each skid being fully fitted out with pipework, seismic springs, isolation hangers and suction support springs. This saves the site from the too-often seen clutter of parts idly occupying floor space, which creates safety issues presented by obstructions and trip hazards. The use of a prefabricated solution prevents this mess, whilst reducing the amount of personnel required on the job and the amount of steps required to complete installation on site. It also reduces the amount of delivery personnel and machinery required over the course of the project. This reduces labour and delivery costs, likelihood of error, likelihood of injury, and man hours required to complete a job. 


Our client enjoyed a smooth, hassle free and injury free delivery and installation process, saving significantly on costs with absolutely zero compromise in quality. In fact, the use of components designed to function together, installed in-house by the same supplier who made the design, directly linked to the commissioning customer, results in a superior outcome to the separate design, supply and installation seen in a traditional job. 

Prefabrication is one of the rare innovations that truly produces a higher quality product and experience while saving costs. 500 Swanson Street, Melbourne is one of many buildings that benefits from using a Masterflow prefabricated skid. 

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