132 Arthur St Commercial Office Building

132 Arthur Street, North Sydney is a 13-level commercial office in North Sydney, with 3 parking levels, 1069 square metres of land area and 620 square metres of flooring area. It is home to over a dozen Australian businesses and boasts panoramic harbour views. 

This attractive commercial suite was acquired and refurbished by Aqualand, a Multi-billion dollar Australian property developer which has won 29 industry awards to date, including an Honourable Mention for the Architecture MasterPrize Award in 2021, 2022 AIB Professional Excellence in Building Award, and 2023 Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Award. 

Aqualand’s innovation, standard of excellence and commitment to quality is in alignment with Masterflow’s identity, and it was a delight to collaborate with them on 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, supplying their HVAC system’s pumps and chiller. 

  • Location:North Sydney (NSW)
  • Industry:Commercial

Our Process:

As the client’s existing pumps and chillers were outdated, inefficient and in need of replacement before the summer season, they knew it was time for an upgrade. End-of-life chillers are unnecessarily costly; replacing them is always recommended for optimal performance and cost efficiency. 

The client, a mechanical contractor of Aqualand, had ordered chillers from Masterflow in the past, and being aware of Bakerflow Pumps’ reputation for uncompromising quality, decided to reach out to Masterflow for their Chiller and Pump needs on this project. 

Using a pair of Clivet 450 kW Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers, and a pair of long-coupled Bakerflow Pumpsets, we achieved markedly increased efficiency and performance thanks to Clivet’s uncompromising quality and the reverse-cycle air-cooled chillers facilitating both summer cooling and winter heating, changed at the touch of a switch. Air cooled chillers are also excellent candidates thanks to their reliability, flexibility and cost-friendly operation. 

The conveyance was executed on a Saturday morning after being commissioned on Monday of the same week, with a crane-lift delivery following road closures and the attainment of relevant council permits. 



Ensuring our client’s needs were met, the replacement system, fitted on a rooftop plantroom, is significantly more energy efficient, reliable and future-proof over ever-changing regulations when compared to their previous pump and chiller set. 

Clivet’s air cooled chillers are among the most environmentally-friendly chillers on the market. The Bakerflow pumps have proved themselves reliable and efficient, reducing operating costs and securing peace of mind in our client.   

With a short lead time from order to delivery and exacting standards for installation, our client’s new setup was operational to client satisfaction within 24 hours of installation. 

The client was provided with a 5 year manufacturer warranty on their new chiller, with ongoing support from Masterflow remaining open to them indefinitely. Our clients’ peace of mind is Masterflow’s finishing touch. 



Solutions Used