105 Prince Street, Orange

The Department of Primary Industries, Orange, is a NSW government organisation that delivers a broad range of initiatives to benefit the state community. These initiatives primarily include valuable R & D in the agriculture, fishing and forestry sectors, and regulation of biosecurity, food safety and animal welfare in NSW. 

Their State Government Office on 105 Prince Street, Orange is a large facility that requires 4 systems for different areas of the building, at different temperature conditions. Masterflow worked with the NSW Government’s mechanical contractor to supply the best fit solution according to their brief, and their needs on this project. 

  • Location:Orange (NSW)
  • Industry:Government

Our Process: 

This client chose to have all of their systems prefabricated, inclusive of all four units that were needed on this substantial premises.  

Masterflow provided an extensive prefabricated unit for this site, providing 10x BakerBloc pumpsets fitted to 4x skid base packages, each with compatible inertia bases and seismic spring mounts. 

The skid bases were inclusive of pipework, making installation simple, fast, and easy. The prefabricated system also features our flexi strut frame, which helps improve stability, while suction diffusers protect the pumps by blocking foreign particles and providing optimal flow conditions to the pump. 


Installation was completed far more efficiently on this site than what is possible on a traditional job, which is assembled on-site using components that are delivered at separate times, by separate suppliers. This often means that pumps sit on site for weeks before heat exchangers are finally delivered, with personnel absorbing budget as they remain on site daily on the off chance that a delivery arrives. 

Our prefab unit arrived assembled and ready to go, enabling our client to save on labour costs, reduce the potential for installation errors, reduce downtime waiting for components to arrive, and with great energy efficiency as every component was designed for the same job. 

The customer now has full peace of mind that we are their point of contact for support, troubleshooting and repair in the unlikely circumstance that an error occurs within the system. 

In traditional jobs, if a mechanical issue occurs, there are often arguments over which component, which installer, and which manufacturer – is at fault. Our prefabricated systems are designed, built and tested in-house at our workshop, so if an issue arises, you’ll know right away that Masterflow is the place to call. 

We are proud of the solutions we offer to our clients, and this job is no exception. Optimising the client experience at every stage, from inquiry to installation, is what we continuously strive for.


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