When There’s a Need for a Seriously Good Centrifugal Pump

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seriously good centrifugal pump

Who do you call? 

When a high-quality centrifugal pump is needed, where do you go?

When you desperately require expert engineering advice, what’s your first thought?

Consider a pump that’s ideal for air conditioning, fire protection, drainage, irrigation, factory and general industrial pumping. A robust unit that’s simple to install and exceptionally easy to maintain.

It’s produced using an advanced computer-controlled Plasma stamping system that ensures total quality control during the manufacturing process, which is important when gauging tolerance levels. Tolerance variation in pumping equipment is a major contributor to short-life failures.

This pump is further enhanced by a unique one-piece volute casing and the smooth surfaces of stamped stainless steel.

Its Back Pull-Out construction makes disassembly and overhaul of the impeller, shaft and bearings a relatively simple process. Service can be done without the removal of suction/discharge piping and pump casing.

Centre line discharge and foot support ensure easy alignment and resistance to distortion from pipe loads.


Sounds like the perfect pump, right?

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