What you need to know about Control Valves

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Most of us are unfamiliar with the purpose of control valves. These are a key component in any HVAC system. The valves control the stream of liquids in the structure and create a frequent output pressure from an irregular input pressure.

Masterflow solutions offer a range of control valves suppliers for your HVAC systems. We supply a wide selection of control valves suitable for multiple applications in many industries, including the HVAC industry in Australia.


What are Control valves used for?

When energy is not effectively transferred to a boiler’s heating coils, the water temperature will not be adequate enough to allow the boiler to condense. It’s important to select the correct control valve to reduce the flow measure to minimise the equipment needed to cool or heat the water. In industrial, commercial, and residential areas, the balancing valve allows HVAC coolers and boilers to ensure the correct amount of cool or hot air to all parts of the building. Control and balancing valves make the installations of your HVAC straightforward. Not to mention they will reduce the working costs with the whole system working efficiently with the correct amount of flow to each coil.

Each heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is designed to produce the desired amount of comfort in every room of an industrial, commercial, or residential building. This needs to be able to be achieved using minimal amounts of energy while still being effective to minimise operational costs. To achieve these requirements it’s important to make sure the water temperature is controlled and balanced.


What are the advantages of using control valves?

Valves are high performing and easy to maintain. They are also durable and are able to perform well in a range of different conditions. Control valves can also be used in a wide range of industries including power, gas, steel, and more. Control valves will also save you money by removing unnecessary costs.


Types of valves we offer at Masterflow

At Masterflow we offer two categories of valves.


  1. Oventrop balancing valves. Oventrop is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of valves for heating and cooling. We source our manual and automatic hydronic balance valves from Oventrop. These control any HVAC difficulties including inadequate room temperatures, noisy airflow, overheating problems, high energy consumption, and much more.
  2. General-purpose industrial valves and suction diffusers. General-purpose industrial valves and suction diffusers. These diffusers are flow-straightening fittings for all commercial, industrial, and residential for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.


Who we are

Masterflow is a well-established and trusted pump supplier that services nationwide. When working with us we supply our clients with experienced professionals, cost effective solutions and repair services for a wide range of pump and motor types. We provide quality solutions to clients across Australia and New Zealand. For years we have been providing quality pump solutions for businesses, giving us the reputation for efficient and reliable results. We are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to supplying our clients with the best quality solutions and service.


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