The Ultimate Guide to High Pressure Pumps

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At Masterflow, we’ve been supplying high-quality pumps to the Australian HVAC industry for over 20 years, and we know our pumps back to front. Whatever the application or setting, chances are we have the product that’s right for you. But we understand that not everyone is as crazy about pumps as we are; it’s a bit of a niche interest, and a technical one at that. In this blog, we share everything you need to know about high pressure pumps.


What is a High Pressure Pump?

The majority of conventional pumps used in HVAC systems are 16bar rated. Any pump that uses over 16bar pressure is usually considered a high pressure pump. Masterflow’s high-pressure pumps, which include pumps like the BAKERFLOW and BAKER-BLOC, feature up to 40bar pressure.


When Would You Need a High Pressure Pump?

High pressure pumps are generally used for larger structures, particularly high-rise buildings where there is a need for greater head height. Head height, also sometimes referred to as “zero flow height” or “lift”, simply means the maximum height to which the fluid can be pumped vertically before the flow ceases. Or to put it another way, the height at which flow rate becomes zero. In order for water to reach the highest floors in a high rise building, the pump at ground level needs greater pressure.


Calculating Pump Requirements

If you want to know when you would need a high pressure pump, the simplest answer would be ‘whenever your system requires over 16bar pressure.’ However, working out the exact requirements and deciding which pump you are going to need for a given application can get quite complicated. For instance, when calculating the required pump pressure, you will need to compensate for loss of pressure created by friction as the water moves through the pipe, adding around 10cm of head for every 1 metre of tubing the water travels through. If your system requires higher pressure than 16bar, Masterflow’s technicians will work with you on your design.


Our High Pressure Pumps

Masterflow offers two premium high pressure pumps – the BAKERFLOW and BAKERBLOC pumps. The BAKERFLOW is an economical and highly reliable back pull-out centrifugal pump designed and engineered to meet the most widely accepted global standards for pump manufacture (DIN 24255/EN733). The impellers can be made from bronze or cast iron depending on the requirements of the job, while the shaft and sleeve are made from high quality stainless steel. Some of the more common applications the BAKERBLOC is used for include firefighting systems, irrigation, ​​air conditioning, mining, and commercial or domestic plumbing.

The BAKERBLOC is an end-suction centrifugal pump. The close-coupled motor configuration gives the BAKERBLOC a much smaller footprint, making it suitable for applications where space is limited. Standardised components mean this unit is affordable and easy to maintain and repair, and it has a wide temperature range of -20° to 105°C. The BAKERBLOC is suitable for applications including mining, side stream filtration, water heating and cooling, water treatments, cooling towers, and much more.


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