The Right Pump for Your Industry

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Right Pump for Your Industry

What type of centrifugal pump should you use to meet your industry’s requirements? Here’s a short guide to help you in selecting your equipment.

Different industries have specific requirements, which is the purpose of specialised machines and equipment. An example of these is the centrifugal pump. While it is used in some industries, namely, chemical, food service and waste management, it is precisely engineered to match these applications. What type of centrifugal pump should you use in your industry? Here’s a short guide to help you with your selection.

For the Chemical Industry

Workplaces involving liquid chemicals need robust pumps that are easy to maintain. Submersible pumps are ideal for use in these settings. In addition to submersible features, air-powered pumps are typically a good choice for chemical industries, as they don’t use up a lot of electrical energy or significantly compromise the quality of the substances involved.

For the Food and Beverage Industry

Hygienic stainless steel pumps that work well for liquid transfer are useful for food service businesses. The quality of consumables is crucial to the industry, so the pump’s material should be a primary consideration when choosing your equipment. It is also important that the pumps are easy to operate and can withstand high temperatures.

For Water and Waste

Water and waste industries require heavy duty types because of the nature of the industry. High-pressure pumps, as well as sea and river pumps, work best for these applications, as they are designed specifically for them.

In general, industry leaders look for pumps they can use for different purposes. Still, it’s important to know which characteristics to consider for your unique needs. If you’re looking for a broad range of centrifugal pumps for your business, you can find them here at Masterflow Solutions.

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