The Benefits of Side-Stream Filtration

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Side-stream filtration, as the name suggests, refers to the partial filtering of liquid in a system. When using a cooling tower water system unwanted fibre such as pollen, dust and dirt can gather. Once these solids occur it can lead to under deposit corrosion, more microbiological activity and blockages. At Masterflow, we offer a successful solution that doesn’t need a system shut down.


The Solution

Side-stream filtration is an effective and proven technique that removes the unwanted fibres from the cooling water systems.


How This Works

A part of the system’s water supply is filtered separately then returned to the system. This works on the principle that continuous particle removal will keep the system clean and operating for a longer amount of time.


The Results

This filtration method will remove the dirt and dust that is collected in the water.

This increases the thermal coefficient by removing the solids in the system and minimizing the need for chemical treatment and dispersants. This will also reduce the downtime that is required for cleaning and any system maintenance.


Why You Should Be Using Side Stream Filtration

Enhance your system efficiency: Fouling cooling systems can slow production. Five seconds in delay can compound by the number of moulding machines a plant may have. Reduced rates of corrosion and other treatment concerns optimises system performance.

Minimise corrosion, scaling, microbiological growth rates: Partial filtration of the cooling system’s flow increases the water quality. It also stops build-up, that can cause premature system failure, and minimises a system’s chemical consumption.

Reduce your costs: Side-stream filtration allows cooling systems to provide longer periods of non-stop operation before they are taken offline for maintenance.

Get the most out of your equipment: The improved efficacy of a system leads to a longer lifespan. Because there is less dirt and other pollutants in the system, less chemicals are used, and the system’s components aren’t overworked.


Why Choose Masterflow?

Masterflow’s premium-grade products are supplied throughout Australia with our extensive nationwide service network. We also have the capability to supply our products and share our expertise with industrial and commercial businesses in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the UAE. Our products are sourced from some of the most recognisable names in the industry and comply with Australian and New Zealand standards for your complete peace of mind. Apart from our quality products, we have a team of industry experts who are available to accommodate your engineering and installation concerns. Serving Australia’s toughest industries since 1998, we have more than two decades of extensive expertise.


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