The Benefits of Oventrop Potable Hot Water Station Technology

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Hot Water Station Technology

If you need potable hot water that is simple to install, economical, environmentally friendly and is exceptionally efficient by making use of any heat generation available from the building, look no further than Oventrop’s advanced hot water station technology. These new age hot water systems will help you ensure your projects reduce climate change impact to the planet, using innovative technology designed, that use less primary heat and regenerative energy when available. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of Oventrop Potable Hot Water Station Technology

Just In Time Technology

Potable hot water will only be heated instantaneously and hygienically when the demand for potable hot water is required by occupants. This instantaneous delivery technique increases energy savings by operating with a lower primary heat source. While eliminating potable hot water reserve, which in typical, alternative systems tend to overheat the potable water without steady hot water delivery control and often overheating the potable hot water systems for long periods of time. The Just In Time feature marks a revolutionary change to potable hot water technology, that has been long overdue within the building services industry.

Time-Saving and Hygienic

Thanks to Oventrop’s modular innovation, you can save time and money with a convenient and simple installation process, or prefabricated skids by Masterflow where access allows. The hot water station technology is simple to maintain, requiring annual inspection for water leaks. And ensures no system calcification where nasty water born bugs are often found in the potable hot water systems as they age. Oventrop has described the technology as easy to understand for everyone across the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning building services industry. If you are already familiar with heat pumps or gas boilers, you will find these potable hot water stations with primary heating buffer tanks by Oventrop a system your team can understand and manage within your business easily.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Operating with lower primary heating temperatures and no overheating of potable hot water, ensures the Oventrop Just In Time technology delivers continues energy saving, which can be easily converted to your projects green start credits, especially when coupled with heat pumps or regerative energy.

Free Hot Water System Design Platform

To help you design your system and for schematical drafting services, Oventrop provides its OV Assist services that is free to access. Whether you need an entirely new installation or retrofit of existing, OV Assist can help you map out what you need done on time and within the project’s budgets.

Hygienically Watermark Approved

Referred to as the most hygienic potable hot water technology, the Oventrop hot water stations ensures you maintain system hygiene as priority while maintaining the most energy efficient delivery of the buildings potable hot water needs. The technology is Watermark approved license number 23357 to AS 3498:2020 Water Heaters and AS3500.4 Clause 1.9.3 as and appliance less than 50°c. Reassuring the products compliance and installation under the Plumbing Code of Australia and Australian Building Codes Board and meets or exceeds individual state Governments warm water system requirements.


Contact Masterflow Today

From the design process to system hand over, Masterflow and Oventrop delivers a turnkey package and support. For help confirming that the Oventrop Hot Water Station Technology is right for your project, or for any questions about this new age potable hot water technology, visit the contact section of our website and get in touch by phone or email.