The 3 C’s of Prefabricated Pump Modules

The 3 C's of prefabricated pump modules
The 3 C's of prefabricated pump modules

Prefabrication has become a strong HVAC industry phenomenon. This is why at Masterflow Solutions, we’ve invested significantly over the past 3 years to make this a reality. In summary, prefabricated skids containing pumps, heat exchangers and tank equipment complete with pipework in a variety of configurations to suit your plant rooms on site.

The three key benefits we keep hearing for this are:

The cost of site labour is on the increase. Fabricating a product in a controlled environment, like in a factory, helps to minimise the cost of site wages, travel, site inductions and waiting for the product to arrive or for the crane to be made available.


The work is more than 50% done. No more waiting onsite for valves to arrive or to cut the pipe and weld. It also minimises the hot works needed for the products.



Are time frames often a battle to meet? The builder’s program or PC doesn’t change even when there are delays due to poor weather etc. Prefabricated pump modules by Masterflow help to overcome this challenge.


What projects do you have now that we can talk to you about the same? Let us know how Masterflow Solutions can help your projects using our packaged pump systems.