Solution To Tight Ceiling Spaces In Your Plantroom

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From time to time an installer of air conditioning units will be confronted with a tight ceiling space situation. The situation leaves the fan coil drain being impossibly close to the ceiling , so that no space is left for a conventional condensate pump to fit.  If there is a 50mm gap we can offer a solution to the problem: The slimline condensate pump which is still the conventional design but with a low profile shallow sump.

However, what do you do when the clearance is so little that even a low profile condensate pump won’t fit? Furthermore, if the fan coil is a negative type (draw through), how will you overcome the problem of fitting a P-trap?

One solution to this headache is the installation of the peristaltic MSP condensate pump.

These are a positive displacement pump that can run dry without damaging the pump and without increasing noise (as would be the case with the inline piston type condensate pumps).

Because they’re self priming up to 3 metres, they can be mounted inside, on the side or on top of the unit with the suction hose running down to the tray whilst still being able to pump up to 12 metres head.


There are 4 methods of activating the pump:

  1. Integral sensor type via remote reservoir complete with internal float mechanism
  2. Constant running upon cooling signal activation (standard type)
  3. Integral sensor type submersion type (MK4 type)
  4. Air temperature differential type ( universal integral pcb + 2 sensor type).


Regardless of which method of activation is used, the pump will run for a predetermined interval of 3-5 minutes once activated. This ensures the tray is completely emptied which is another positive benefit as the problems of splash from cross currents are eliminated.

The upside of peristaltic pumps are they are virtually maintenance fee and can pull out water and particulates and remain quiet even when sucking only air.

They are twice the price of a conventional pump.The so called “savings” with a conventional pump are quickly dissipated when the costs a a service call or two are taken into account not to mention the frustration.

Due to the alternatives, there is one to suit virtually every application for overcoming condensate removal dilemmas, therefore solving your issue of tight ceiling space!