Skid Mounted Pump Systems

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MASTERFLOW builds innovative skid mounted pump sets for the HVAC industry to a flexible range of specifications. Our trained and qualified personnel work with industry and consultants developing the best outcomes that meet all expectations, irrespective of what your design concept is we willingly work with you to bring the project to fruition.


  • MASTERFLOW service includes:
  • Design and drawings produced in house using industry leading software
  • Fabricated steel work is manufactured in our factory
  • Every skid mounted pump set is assembled by us using our skilled and knowledgeable tradespeople.
  • If required we can performance test the system and provide the test certificates. Our QA department can provide documentation for all aspects of the build.
  • We can support commissioning if requested.


What MASTERFLOW does that distinguishes us in supporting the HVAC industry?

Over 20 years trading experience in this field Masterflow’s Baker centrifugal pump range is available in long coupled, close coupled and in line configurations, all well proven in the industry. High efficiency, energy saving electric motors are flagged ensuring contained running costs.


The concept of a skid mounted package delivered to a site where you connect electricity and pipework to it is brilliant!! It starts with a steel hot dipped galvanised base frame, which in turn supports concrete filled inertia bases sitting on engineered spring mounts. Previously built pumps sets are mounted to their own bases which in turn is fastened to the inertia bases.


Suction and discharge pipework is bolted to the pumps and supported by either welded steel frames or heavy duty fully adjustable galvanised 50mm – 100mm slotted tube. The pipework is hung from the welded steel frames or slotted tube super frame (whichever is specified) using the specified springs and appropriate galvanised pipe clamps.


Every step follows our documented process ensuring the product is built to drawing tolerances, welding is to the AS1554 code, inertia bases are filled with the correct concrete MPA spec. Then as the assembly proceeds attention to detail is critical and every step is signed off. For instance, the pumps will require building to match the pump curve requirements and this carefully done often exceeding 100 individual build steps to achieve it. The list goes on and on but be assured your interests are paramount when we build.


So let’s start with an informal chat with us on PHONE 02 9748 2022, EMAIL an enquiry to [email protected] or connect and follow us on Linkedin. By knowing what you need our goal is to help you achieve great project outcomes.