Seamless and Steady Wins the Race for Valve Assemblies

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seamless and steady

There are two main problems when it comes to valve assemblies:

  1. Conventional systems with all their seals and bearings wear out over time which eventually leads to leakages.
  2. Valves that don’t cater to adjustable operating speeds cause “hammering”, a noise sure to arouse a few customer complaints.

Our valve assemblies eliminate both these problems.

Our automatic control valves are made with a heavy-duty cast construction that eliminates the need for shafts, seals or bearings within the water passage. This seamless design is ideal to guard against leakages.

The adjustable operating speeds and soft diaphragm closure action eliminates the slamming action found with direct operating valves.

The valves operate reliably even in areas of turbulence and do not cause “rapid cycle chatter”, water hammering, or surges.

The main valve body can be located out of the water tank for ease of maintenance whilst the pilot valve stays within the tank.


The tank fill valve assemblies are available in two main configurations:

  • Modulating Float Control (FL) to maintain a constant level regardless of inflow or usage rates used direct off mains
  • Differential Float Control Valve (DI) to maintain a constant inflow whilst filling tank between two adjustable level points used on pumped system to eliminate pump cycle on low flows.


Typical Applications:

  • Fire tank filling
  • Potable water tanks
  • Break tanks
  • Confined areas
  • Potential water hammer situations


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