Masterflow’s Aquazone Buffer Tanks Take the Load Off Chilled Water Systems

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Low-quality HVAC equipment is well-renowned for breaking down in hot climates, often resulting in expensive system repairs and replacements.

Many commercial and industrial applications/installations have experienced extensive problems with maintaining their HVAC and chilled water systems. Most problems are caused by overcapacity loads or the use of low-quality systems.

We offer Aquazone buffer tanks as a solution to increase the capacity of chilled water systems and eliminate chiller cycling, poor temperature control and inconsistent system operation.


High Cost of Low-Quality Systems

According to the industry’s news portal ‘Buildings’, the installation of low-quality chilled water systems can cost a company thousands of dollars in repairs ‒ even more so if the system needs a replacement.

So why not go for something double the quality with a better price?

Check out what determines cost here.


Chilled Water Systems in Hot Climates

The summer season places additional stress on chilled water systems, usually requiring them to exceed their capacity. Aquazone buffer tanks are well equipped to support the demands of a chilled water system under pressure in extremely hot climates.


Enhancing the Capacity of Chilled Water Systems

Our Aquazone buffer tanks are designed for chilled water systems that have insufficient water capacity. Buffer tanks are suitable for conditions where cooling loads are small as it reduces the number of starts, further reducing wear and energy consumption.

The tanks are made to suit specific industry and facility requirements according to the client’s needs. We’ve done tanks as large as 70,000L and as small as 100L.

They’re also insulated, which helps maintain the temperature of the stored water. The construction materials are stainless or carbon steel, and the diameter and height is customised to the client’s specification.


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