Making NOISE about no noise – 4-Pipe Chillers

4 pipe chillers
no noise equipment

Last year we witnessed a record increase in the request for 4 pipe chillers (also known as multifunction chillers). We expect this to continue given their efficiencies and savings in both capital outlay and operational costs. If you’re interested to learn more about this technology and why this might be the right technical solution for your applications, please send us a 4CPR (4-pipe Chiller Presentation Request).

In this article, we’re making noise about no noise. Yes, amongst several reasons, NOISE Reduction is one of the key benefits of the Clivet 4-pipe chillers. Given that 4 pipe chillers are often installed in open plantrooms, or plantrooms with much outdoor atmosphere, it is necessary to pay attention to the noise ratings of such equipment. This is why a growing number of clients are selecting Clivet chillers, because they keep quiet at both part-load and peak-load conditions.

What sets the Clivet 4-pipe chillers (scroll compressor type) apart is their noise levels are well under the 100dBA rating of comparable models. Clivet have been able to achieve this through its extensive product development and rigorous testing. Even quieter levels are achieved through its screw compressor type machines.

Hotels, shopping centres in sensitive neighbourhoods and projects in the health sector are just some of the markets that are now insisting on Clivet. Such quietness has been achieved through the use of more efficient components within (e.g. on the fans, see below), and super-silence panels around the compressor.

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