Laser alignment – A standard practice at Masterflow Solutions

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laser alignment

Laser alignment the initial journey.

The process of laser alignment is the most important part of the pump supply chain. Whilst only a small aspect of the entire manufacturing programme it represents a huge impact on the final product and the life of the pump.

Masterflow Solution’s comprehensive manufacturing process from quoting, procurement, assembly welding, painting packaging and on time delivery are all important segments but if Laser alignment is not performed, then all these parts are compromised.

Laser alignment involves precise alignment of both pump and motor shafts vertically, horizontally, axially using specialised laser equipment and precision stainless steel shims is performed at the factory, prior to dispatch.

The pump sets are then subjected to forklifting, transport and craneage to its final install position. Herein lies the requirement of onsite laser alignment. After the initial factory laser alignment, the pumpset endures a tortuous journey before reaching its final install destination resulting in misalignment. Hence laser alignment in Masterflow Solutions opinion becomes an absolute necessity after pump has been installed.


Benefits of laser alignment

Shaft alignment is a process to make two or more rotating shafts co-linear, or in the same straight line, both vertically and horizontally. Shaft alignment done with laser shaft alignment equipment is the accurate and time-efficient.

The benefit is a pump set that will deliver long-term reliability of service without premature issues of bearing, coupling + mechanical goal failures.


Masterflow Solutions Laser shaft alignment systems offer numerous advantages:


  1. Laser beams are not affected by gravity or bracket sag. We use wi-fi connectability from the laser sender /receiver to an iPad with software to match.
  2. Both laser tools are rotated to 9, 12 & 3 o’clock positions around the rotational centers of shafts. This process allows the laser to measure just the rotational centers, and is not affected by shaft or coupling eccentricity, or runout.
  3. Masterflow laser shaft alignment system has on board software to calculate accurate values for shimming up and horizontal corrections
  4. Our equipment stores both the uncorrected & corrected alignment values digitally, for integration into maintenance record systems by email.
  5. Masterflow technicians measure and correct soft foot, bolt bound or base bound conditions, and other similar shaft alignment problems relevant to long coupled pump sets.

These laser shaft alignment tools are considered “state of the art” in most industrial and maintenance applications.