Innovative Equipment Drives Revenue Growth for HVAC Business

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Your business will receive more calls, sustain more clients and build a good reputation with key investments in specialised equipment.

Two different studies reveal varying projections for the HVAC industry in Australia. IBISWorld indicates that the industry is in a ‘luke warm’ state with revenue growth at 0.6% yearly, within five years. Research and Markets, meanwhile, see overall demand remains high with compound annual growth rate of 9% annually, within a similar period.

Whether your HVAC business is experiencing lukewarm or high growth rate, it is crucial to maintain an exceptional standard of service. Your business will receive more calls, sustain more clients and build a good reputation — all of which improve revenue growth. How do you achieve all three?


Product Design and Quality

Investment in appropriate equipment ensures your installation jobs deliver on efficiency and performance requirements. Both will matter for the businesses and households you service. On any given job, you will need specialised products, particularly when servicing processing plants.

When you provide cooling towers installation, sidestream filtration is an essential solution. Side stream filters constantly sift a portion of a cooling tower to remove suspended particles, solids and organics. It reduces the likelihood of biological growth and contamination.


Beyond Specialised Equipment

A good side stream filter also increases equipment life, enhances system efficiency, and reduces corrosion and maintenance costs. Our side stream filter does more, with its compact design, innovative suction scanner, which facilitate effective filtration and backwashing on pressure differential, which minimises the use of water. No traditional method comes close.

Aside from making key investments in specialised tools, awareness of industry trends and regulatory changes are also beneficial for your business. The HVAC industry continues to change with the development of new technologies and consumers influencing regulation, especially in energy efficiency.

Profitability is within reach. Ensure revenue growth for your HVAC business, no matter the market conditions. Call and enquire today about our high-quality products and packaged solutions.