The Importance of Onsite Alignment for Long-Coupled Pumpsets

Whether you are considering purchasing a brand-new long-coupled pump or are having serious issues with one that has already been installed, it is crucial to know the importance of onsite pump alignment in preventing additional costs, embarrassment, and other post-installation frustrations.


Why is site alignment necessary?

Though every Masterflow long-coupled pumpset is laser-aligned in our factory prior to dispatch, the need for onsite alignment is not removed. Pumpsets can be misaligned between the completion of production and final installation onsite.

Each of the following could affect your pump’s alignment:

  • Transport via road, rail, or air
  • Loading and off-loading from delivery vehicles
  • Cranage to the plantroom
  • Incorrect pipework connection

Can I get away without site alignment?

If you decide to skip this crucial post-installation step, you’ll face at least one of the following issues:

  • Increased wear and tear
  • Seal leakage
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Vibration and noise
  • Snapped shaft (see photos below)

It is therefore ESSENTIAL to arrange for site alignment by a competent technician who has the correct laser-alignment machine and can produce a legitimate Alignment Report upon completion.

If a party other than Masterflow performs the alignment, an alignment report with the serial number clearly shown MUST be sent to Masterflow at the completion of each pump’s alignment. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL VOID OUR WARRANTY.


When should you book site alignment?

You should only book site alignment AFTER installation is completed correctly. Installation must be done as per the instruction manual. You should pay special attention to the following:

  • Pipework must be self-supporting. The most common source of alignment issues and vibrations is pipework that causes strain on the pump flanges. You must ensure your plumbing sub-contractor is aware of this.
  • Pipework must not be rigid. It must have flexible Victaulic pipe couplings or C Flex on both the suction and discharge sides of the pump, PLUS pipe hangers with springs on all pipework supported from the roof.
  • If Victaulic pipe couplings are used, they should be #177N and the recommendation of Victaulic regarding the quantity of Pipe Coupling must be adhered to.
  • A suction diffuser, if installed, should be supported from the ground.

Preparing for Site Alignment

Your system MUST be full to the operational weight of water + air bled before you can book site alignment.

If your system is not at full operational weight when your pumps are aligned, the alignment will shift when the rest of the water is added.

Getting your pumps aligned before filling the system to full operational water weight is the equivalent to taking one step forward and two steps back.

How do you book alignment?

To book site alignment for your pump, you must either:

  • Scan the QR code on the pump’s coupling guard and follow the prompts
  • Fill out this form



  • Email your request to the service division at [email protected] If emailing, be sure to quote your company’s original purchase order number so we can locate the correct project and equipment.



The Masterflow Quality Promise

All Masterflow pumpsets are laser-aligned in our workshop at the time of production with 4-Tick Alignment.

We will provide you with evidence of this and proof of onsite laser alignment (if we do it.)


Important things to keep in mind:

  • When our technician sets up his laser alignment machine, he will know very quickly if there is a problem. If his laser monitor returns a result of 2 ticks or less and indicates 3mm shims or thicker are required, then this a red flag. Mostly likely pipe strain will be the cause. He cannot complete alignment until the issue’s cause is found.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure quality workmanship from your employees or sub-contractors. We recommend your installer the pages of our Instruction Manual that cover Installation Instructions. Do not assume your plumbing subcontractor knows all about pump installations simply because they are your regular installers. They may change staff or use labour hire, or apprentices. It is important you control the quality by issuing instructions that guarantee correct installation.
  • Pipework misalignment and/or the misalignment of the pump & motor shaft can be the cause of vibrations.
    Check out our article on Pump Vibrations for further reading.

How to Book your Site Alignment

Use the handy QR code on the coupling guard of your Masterflow long-coupled pumpset to book your site alignment.


Got more questions?

We might have answered some in our FAQ article.

If you can’t find the answer to your question there, get in touch or call us at 02 9748 2022.