How to Know When Your Central Heating Centrifugal Pump Needs Repairing

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Now that we’re entering the coldest months of the year, making sure that our heating systems are in good order should be top priority. If you notice any concerning signs that your pump isn’t working properly, it may be time for a pump repair! Masterflow Solutions offer services such as a coupling alignment, repairs and more in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. In this blog, we’ll list the main signs that it’s time to contact us.

Your Vents Have a Low Air Flow

Is there enough warm air flowing through your vents? If not, it could mean that your pump has a pressure imbalance. Not only does a weak air flow through your vents mean that your home isn’t warming up properly, it can also be the cause of your high electricity bills as it means that your heating system isn’t working efficiently.

Your Electricity Bills are High

Adding on to our last point, if your electricity bills are high, it might be a sign that your pump isn’t working properly in general – even if you think that you have good airflow through your vents. The telltale sign that something might be wrong is if your bills are particularly higher than you would expect during the winter months. It might be worth getting your pump checked to make sure that it is working as efficiently as it should.

Your Pump is Making Unusual Noises

Strange noises aren’t a good sign! If you’re noticing that your pump is loud, rattling or making other noises when your heating system is running, it could indicate that there is some damage that needs to be repaired. Whether the cause of the noise is as small as a loose screw or a big problem that needs to be solved, calling an expert to inspect the issue is a smart move.

You Notice Short Cycling

If your heating is turning off and on quite frequently, this means that your pump is short cycling and not working as efficiently as it needs to be. Short cycling will also cause your system to age faster, which means that you’ll need to replace it sooner than what is typically ideal. Getting a repair and solving the issue sooner is a much more cost-effective move!

Your Pump is Old

Generally, centrifugal pumps will age and will need some attention after a long period of time. You can find out how old your pump is by checking the manufacturer’s specifications, typically at the top of the nameplate. There should be a date that indicates the year that the pump was installed. If it has been more than 10 years since you had your pump serviced, it’s worth getting it checked to see if you need a repair or potentially even a replacement.

Need a Pump Repair? Contact Masterflow Today

At Masterflow, we provide professional, cost effective and reliable pump repair solutions. With a large range of spare parts in stock, we can find what you need and get your pumps working efficiently again in no time. If you have decided that your pump is in need of a repair, contact us by phone or fill out our contact form.