Have you considered the benefits of side-stream filtration?

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Check out our easy-to-read list:

It’s ideal for recirculating cooling systems.

One of the consequences of operating a cooling tower water system is that dust, pollen, fibres, and dirt can accumulate.

These solids can then settle out in the cooling system and lead to under deposit corrosion, blockages, and increased microbiological activity.

But there’s an effective solution which doesn’t require a system shutdown.

Side-stream filtration is a tried and proven method for removing these solids from cooling water systems.

In this process, a portion of the system’s water is filtered separately and then returned to the system.

Side-stream filtration works on the principle that continuous particle removal will keep the system clean and operating longer.

The filtration goal is not to make drinking quality water but to remove the fine dirt, dust, smoke and organic particles that collect in water.

This increases the thermal coefficient by eliminating solids in the system and reduces the need for chemical treatment and dispersants.

Another benefit is the reduced downtime needed for system maintenance and cleaning.

Currently, there are 2 models available, depending on the system volume.

For volumes between 4,000 -11,000 litres the CTFP-3 is ideal, while for volumes between 11,000 – 20,000 litres we recommend the CTFP-5.

However, system volume is only a guide and if a circuit has two cooling towers, then a CTFP unit should be provided for each tower.

Remember, the tower is the source of the contaminants.

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We have a demonstration unit we can bring to your premises to help you evaluate the process for your next project.