Flypass: The Most Effective Solution In Plumbing

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Are you looking for a Balancing and Control Valve supplier? At Masterflow Solutions, we specialise in Automatic Balancing Valves (PICV), Manual Balancing Valves and Flypass. In this blog, we explain the benefits of purchasing a Masterflow Flypass.

A Flypass is beneficial in any high-rise, commercial or residential building including hospitals, convenience stores and shopping centres. Using a Flypass provides you with the most effective method when it comes to installing central heating and cooling systems for your business.

One of the main benefits of using a Masterflow Flypass is the time and money that it will save you. Traditional forms of plumbing can be tedious with expensive labor costs attached, but our Flypass offers you the most cost-effective solution than the standard industry approach.

How is this possible? We offer a pre-assembled solution saving you time and money.

How Does A Flypass Work?

A Flypass is used for the connection of fan coil units (FCUs), chilled ceiling modules, induction air systems, cooling and heating zones to the pipework of central heating and cooling systems with closed circuits. You’re able to choose the direction of the flow – which is optional. The connection fitting is able to be installed in a range of different positions including vertical, oblique or horizontal.

Flypass Vs Traditional Plumbing Approach

The traditional plumbing approach is to buy separate parts and install them individually onsite. The Flypass is far more efficient as it is already pre-assembled. Some of the key features of the Flypass include:

  • Three-way balls which can be turned by 180° allow for multiple positions
  • The ball positions are displayed by the shape of the handle and the imprinted flow directions
  • The flat sealing connections to the appliance side allow for the connection of components without intermediate pieces
  • Optional conversion to bypass operation
  • Different products for the direct connection to the connection fitting are available
  • The extended handles allow for insulation of the fitting
  • One fill and drain ball valve is supplied with the fitting
  • Connection facility for an additional fill and drain ball valve
  • Differential pressure measurement across the appliance side (by use of the additional fill and drain ball valve)

Why Choose Masterflow?

Masterflow’s premium-grade products are supplied throughout Australia with our extensive nationwide service network. We also have the capability to supply our products and share our expertise with industrial and commercial businesses in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the UAE. Our products are sourced from some of the most recognisable names in the industry and comply with Australian and New Zealand standards for your complete peace of mind. Apart from our quality products, we have a team of industry experts who are available to accommodate your engineering and installation concerns. Serving Australia’s toughest industries since 1998, we have more than two decades of extensive expertise.

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