Flushing Of HVAC Pipe Work

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For over 25 years Masterflow has supplied pump sets, skid package units, buffer and expansion tanks, and pressurisation units precisely engineered for every HVAC application. This robust product range has stood the test of time and work every day without issues.

But… we have noticed the rise in demand for portable flushing pumps and the positive impacts that are created on reliability of chilled, condensed and hot water pipe systems. So we are here to educate you on the importance and significates of flushing HVAC pipe work.

It is essential to thoroughly purge the system of contamination, debris, dirt, foreign matter, splatter, wastes, welding dross etc, but using the installed service pumps to do so adversely impacts on the mechanical seal life, the wear rings and impeller faces.

Masterflow has built a number of mobile flushing units that are available to prevent the damage caused by foreign matter being flushed around a pipe system. Features of these units include:

  • 4kW to 45kW, VFD fitted, complete power display, all on a trolley that fits through lifts and doorways.
  • Filter socket on discharge side enclosed in a tank on smaller models.
  • Filter socket in Y strainer for larger models.
  • Flexible hose connections can be fitted with camlocks on smaller models, and reinforced HD rubber hose with crimped ends on the larger models.
  • Quality balancing valves with instrumentation to measure velocities needed to clean the pipework.

Our team of well-versed and qualified engineers to help select the right system to do the job. This may include assessing your requirements, method statements, risk assessments, matching and sizing the portable flushing unit, and even advising as to larger units to deal with your requirements.

Masterflow is more than happy to stand behind our product range, but in managing our ISO accreditation and quality standards we insist that any flushing of pipework in the pre-commissioning process must involve the use of supplementary pumps, not the service pump!

Our personnel at Masterflow have witnessed too many instances of foreign matter damaging installed equipment. This ranges from obvious mill scale to seemingly harmless suspended particles. Other external influences such as incompatible or too much chemical treatment additives added later into commissioned systems will eventually impact on the installed rotating equipment throughout the circuit.