Factors Affecting the Cost of Rooftop Packaged Air-Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps

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Purchasing a new packaged rooftop heat pump or chiller can be challenging, especially when considering the various factors that may influence the price.

Here we have provided insights into what can impact the cost of a packaged rooftop heat pump or chiller.

Type of air-cooled chiller or heat pump

One of the factors that can influence the price of a packaged rooftop heat pump or chiller is the type of heat pump you choose. There are various types available, such as ducted heat pumps or heat pump chiller water systems, and each has a different price point. Specialists can help determine your heating needs based on your space’s size and the type of system required, and then walk you through the price differences.

Layout + design of your space

The layout and design of your building can also impact the price. Your heating needs will be determined by the building’s layout, and informing the vendor of the number of floors or areas you need to heat or cool will help them suggest the best option. The type of system required and the space that needs to be heated can impact the cost of the system.

Size + output of your system

Another factor that can increase costs is the size and output of the system. The more space that requires heating or cooling, the more output is needed, which can drive up the cost. To get an accurate estimate of costs, the vendor should be informed of the space that needs to be heated.

Efficiency levels 

Efficiency is an essential factor when it comes to the cost of packaged rooftop heat pumps or chillers. A more efficient system may cost more initially, but it is a good investment in the long run, considering the cost-saving potential. It is important to ask the vendor about the efficiency of their available systems.

Frequent changes in core temperature

Changing the core temperature of the packaged rooftop heat pump or chiller frequently can drive up the cost. Keeping the system at a stable and consistent temperature uses less power and saves costs. Additionally, the electricity provider used can influence the cost of running the system. Switching to a cheaper electricity provider may save costs if the bills are higher than before the installation.

Your electricity provider

The ongoing costs of your rooftop air-cooled chiller or heat pump will be greatly affected by the electricity provider you use. Consider switching to a cheaper electricity provider to save costs if you are concerned about an overly large increase in your electricity bill after installing your packaged rooftop heat pump or chiller.

What now?

By considering the factors mentioned above, you can make an informed decision that suits your unique needs without spending money on elements that don’t suit your project.

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