Eliminating Cross-flow Contamination

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eliminating cross flow contamination

Closed loop systems are used in places where water supply contamination is a risk.

Such places include pharmaceutical laboratories, mortuaries and HAZMAT sites.

Masterflow has designed pressurisation units specifically for use in closed loop systems.

The units provide back flow prevention and automatic makeup in accordance to AS 3500.

Conversely, the system also provides refilling when there are minor losses in the system.

In the event of major system leaks, the make up water is regulated, limiting the potential water damage.

The highlight of this system and what makes it ideal for high contamination risk sites is the physical air gap of the break tank.

The air gap works to eliminate the possibility of back flow to the water supply system.

The systems come complete with a pump, break tank, expansion tank, pressure switch, regulator valves and a wall mounted cabinet.

The system is self-sufficient and do not require the statutory maintenance checks that other pressurisation systems require.


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