The Most Complete Range Of Condensate Removal Pumps & Pump Ancillaries

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Condensate Removal Pumps & Pump Ancillaries

Masterflow Solutions is at the forefront of condensate pump technology.

As engineers, we understand the complexity of installations and create market-leading products that are designed to best suit the application and environment. We also recognise the importance of a condensate pump that is reliable and with fail-safe alarms.

We pride ourselves on providing you with everything you need for the perfect installation; from condensate pumps to pipes and fittings – we have it all.

Pair this with a keen eye for top-quality products combined with impeccable service and assistance and you have outstanding results for all your projects. The AC condensate pump provides the ideal solution to removing condensate, particularly in residential apartments, commercial offices and doctor/dentist surgeries.



Description: Centrifugal type pump with integral sump.

Option(s): A low entry connection in the side of the sump for those installations where there is a limited distance between the drain of the unit and the ceiling tiles (25mm).

Performance: 40 litres per hour at 4m head. Maximum head 5m. Maximum flow of 55 litres per hour.

Outlet Size: Stepped hose barb. 3/8 inch hose or 6mm.

Inlet Size: 3/4 inch hose connection (outside of sump).

Construction materials: Plastic.

Electrical Load: 0.4 amp, 230 volt A.C. 75 watt.

Features: Integral mounting brackets for affixing to the wall or underside of the ceiling. Safety wire for connection to the air conditioning unit to deactivate the system if the level in the sump rises to a high level. We recommend this being connected to prevent damage resulting from overflowing. Multiple entry points from the top of the sump.


Peristaltic Hose Pump

Description: The ultimate condensate pump. Positive displacement, hose-type pumps which can run dry without making excessive noise.

Option(s): Available in 3 types depending on the method of activation. When ordering these pumps, the method of activation must be specified. This can either be as a standard unit (type A) which is connected directly to the air conditioning unit and will run every time the unit is operated, or it can be operated by temperature sensors. Alternatively, it can be operated by a mechanical float switch in a separate sump which is installed in the tray of the unit (type B). Performances of all these units are the same.

Performance: 6.25 litres per hour at 12m head.

Outlet Size: 6mm ID hose.

Construction materials: Plastic.

Electrical Load: 0.2 amp, 230 volt A.C. Motor requires ventilation.

Features: No syphoning back, self-priming of 2m. Will pump contaminated water without damage.