Choosing the Right Pump for the Job

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Choosing the Right Pump for the Job

Which pump is best for you?

Explore the qualities of the below 7 pumps to determine which is best for your application.

1. Circulator Pumps

Circulator pumps are used to circulate liquids within a closed circuit. These compact pumps are often used to circulate heating water where there is a minimal flow rate and head pressure. They are a perfect solution where space is limited, and they can be mounted on a wall out of the way. The simple design of circulator pumps makes them easy to maintain, and a good quality circulator should last for years without the need for any maintenance or repairs.

2. Vertical Inline Pumps 

Vertical Inline pumps are another good option where a pump is required for a restricted space, with a footprint up to 30% smaller than traditional horizontal end suction pumps. Our Baker Line vertical inline pumps are designed for maximum efficiency and long-term serviceability.

3. Sea & River Water Pumps 

Our sea & river water pumps are specially designed to handle corrosive liquids. They are most often used in Harbour Water Heat Exchange/Condenser Water/Heat Rejection systems. Our Baker Flow SWD range features pumps with a casing material of 2205 stainless steel or Super Duplex Stainless steel and the capability of generating flows of up to 500 litres per second.

4. High-Pressure Pumps 

High-pressure pumps of up to 40 bar may be suitable for applications where there is a need to generate or withstand significant head height, as is often the case with high-rise buildings. Both our Baker Flow and Baker Bloc series are capable of this application. Baker Flow pumps can generate flow rates of up to 300 litres per second, making them ideal for many heavy-duty systems.

5. Closed-Coupled Pumps 

A closed-coupled pump is a variation of the centrifugal pump that is designed to remove the complications associated with separate couplings, which eliminates the need for intricate alignment operations once the pump is mounted. Our Baker Bloc close-coupled pumps offer an economical and space-efficient alternative to conventional centrifugal pumps.

6. Multistage Pumps 

Our multistage-inline pumps condense the best parts of a traditional motor pump into a compact, in-line design. Made from 304 or 316 stainless steel, these multistage pumps can handle a variety of liquids and are often used in run-around coils, as well as in primary and secondary loops in heating water circuits. Multistage pumps are best suited to low flow rates and head pressures.

7. Long Coupled Pumps

Long-coupled pumps are designed to be paired with electric motors and diesel engines, and they can provide long service with very little maintenance. Our Baker Flow series of long-coupled pumps are made with stainless-steel impellers, and they are best suited to use in heavy industries.



If your application requires a low flow and head pressure, you’re probably best off with a multistage or a circulator pump.

If you’re dealing with a corrosive liquid, a sea & river water pump may be the way to go.

If you’d prefer a pump that needs little maintenance and has a long lifespan, take a closer look at our long-coupled option.

If you’re pressed for plant room space, consider a vertical-inline or a close-coupled pump.

If you’re setting up a plantroom for a high-rise building, a high-pressure pump is likely the best option for you.


Still unsure? Tell us your flow rate and shutoff head here and we’ll tell you what we think.