Air Dirt Separators by Masterflow

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Great Cost Savings are possible to Mechanical Contractors when design engineers make a single decision.

Ever had the problem of trying to get rid of air when commissioning a chilled or heating water system? For that matter any closed loop system with entrained air can cause migraines to the service tech attempting the commissioning. The good news is that these problems can be seriously reduced, even eliminated with a single key decision made ahead of time in the design stages of the project.

By installing an Air Dirt separator at the hottest part of the system small entrained undetected air bubbles will be removed every time the system is on operation. This means on very large systems commissioning can be reduced from a week’s work to a single day thus paying dividends in reduced labour costs at the completion of the project. The additional benefit is that it simultaneously removes dirt particles which helps to keep the system clean and extends the life of pump seals and other mechanical equipment in the system.

The advantages of incorporating these devices into the design of closed loop systems is becoming more appreciated as can be seen in the many projects coming onto the market currently.

Whilst we don’t keep this size off the shelf, we do stock all sizes of the Optivent Air Dirt separators from 40mm to 300mm. Each Air & Dirt separator comes with Table E flanges, drain, fast bleed point, vent and stainless-steel internals. Desludging can be done manually or automatically. These are a great addition to any close loop system offering continuous automatic removal or air bubbles and dirt particles.

In addition to the Optivent OVAD500 there was also an Optivent OVAD200 for the heating water circuit, a 3000litre Aquazone chilled water buffer tank and Masterflow’s unique Microfill Auto Refill unit comprising the cabinet mounted pressure pump with break tank and a 750litre expansion tank.