Air Dirt Separators by Masterflow

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Great cost savings are possible for mechanical contractors when design engineers make a single decision.

Ever had the problem of trying to get rid of air when commissioning a chilled or heating water system?

Any closed loop system with entrained air can cause migraines for the service tech attempting the commissioning. The good news is that these problems can be seriously reduced, even eliminated, with a single key decision made in the design stages of the project.

By installing an air and dirt separator at the hottest part of the system, small, entrained, undetected air bubbles will be removed every time the system is in operation. Therefore, on very large systems, commissioning can be reduced from a week’s work to a single day! This reduces labour costs both at project completion and long-term, where less servicing is required because the job was done right in the beginning.

Air and dirt separators also remove dirt particles from the system, which helps to keep it clean and extend the life of pump seals and other mechanical equipment involved.

The advantages of incorporating these devices into the design of closed loop systems is becoming more appreciated, as seen in the many projects including air and dirt separators entering the market currently.

We stock all sizes of the Optivent air and dirt separators from 40mm to 300mm. Sizes beyond this range aren’t kept in our warehouse but are still available for order.

Each air and dirt separator comes with Table E flanges, a drain, a fast bleed point, a vent and stainless-steel internals. Desludging can be done manually or automatically. 


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