Air and Dirt Separation for Open or Closed Loop Systems

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Air and Dirt Separation for Open or Closed Loop Systems

All HVAC systems, whether they are an open or closed loop system, will require the use of air and dirt separators to ensure their continued performance. These could also be utilized in conjunction with our side stream filtration for cooling towers.

Air and dirt separators, such as our Optivent system (OVAD), is necessary for chilled water, condenser water, heating water, processing water and cogeneration applications. It is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Save Energy, Save Money

Gases and solid impurities in your system can make it harder to heat or cool your water. By using an air and dirt separator, you remove micro-bubbles continually, making it much easier for your system to control the system’s temperatures.

Maintenance is also a painless, as Optivent OVAD systems are practically maintenance free – there is no need to clean the filter elements. The removal of dirt sediment from the bottom of the OVAD can be achieved manually or automatically via an Optivent motorized ball valve and control panel – refer to Masterflow Solutions engineering team for further information. Since it keeps the system clean and free from corrosion, this also increases the life expectancy of your pipe works. You will replace pipes, pumps, and valves less frequently compared to other options.

By saving energy, you can save money as well. OVAD systems have a much better return on investment than water heating and cooling systems without them.

Masterflow provides innovative solutions to your HVAC needs. Our air and dirt separators are just one of the many HVAC supplies you can purchase from us. They are a more cost-efficient option for your building or facility.

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