A Quick Guide to Balancing Valves and Refill Units

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guide to balancing valves

Some of the most common issues we see are improperly operating balancing valves and refill units.

Whether due to improper installation, use of lower quality parts, or the general wear and tear that occurs over time, balancing valves in particular are often the first components that need to be replaced in residential and industrial HVAC systems. 

As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of all things HVAC, we are experts when it comes to the service and repair of your heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.

Below is a guide to the roles and responsibilities of balancing valves and refill units. 


Balancing Valves

Balancing valves and automatic refill units work together to help maintain the consistent, steady functioning of HVAC systems. Balancing valves help minimise the temperature of HVAC systems by maintaining the flow conditions in residential and commercial buildings.

Faulty balancing valves can result in unintended, uneven temperature distribution throughout the building and can negatively impact energy efficiency, leading to an increase in cost and carbon footprint.

Our Aquastrom C and VT valves from Oventrop balance hot water recirculation systems in larger residential and commercial developments. The Aquastrom C uses manual balancing, while the VT is a “set-and-forget” model. These valves are made of bronze and dezincification-resistant brass and feature a PTFE seal and maintenance-free, double O-ring seal.

Our range of Hydrocontrol manual control valves from Oventrop come in cast iron, bronze and nodular cast iron, and create a hydronic balance between the various circuits of the system.

The functional components are located in one plane, allowing simple assembly and easy operation. The valve offers infinitely adjustable presetting that can be read in any position due to the moveable display.


Automatic Refill Units

Automatic refill units are used in closed-loop systems to automatically refill the HVAC system and prevent the existing water in these systems from running backward to the main water supply.

Our MICROFILL Pressurisation Unit is supplied as a complete package incorporating pumps, a break tank, an expansion tank, a pressure switch/pressure transducer and regulator valves all housed in a wall-mounted cabinet. Unlike other automatic refill units, it does not require regular statutory maintenance checks, thus eliminating the costs associated with this kind of upkeep.


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